no commercial releases or movies (support the artists)
no lossy material (mp3 etc)
no wav (too big)
no software or sharing your c, d, or whatever drive
no porn (you will be banned)
no anime, sports or otherwise non music related stuff
no warez
no being in 15 hubs at the same time, or more
no leeching (share what you download) but also….please don't share your download directory
other artists are cool too (we like well rounded hubbers)
please only queue two shows at once
please only download what you can share or make readily available
share what you download
but don't share shows until you've finished downloading them
don't share your download folder
no being an asshole (this is highly subjective so tread lightly)
no xmas for john keys
no xmas in february no matter how hard he saves
no bulbs in this house
no sleep til brooklyn
no scrubs
no no no no no no no no

nb: the dc++ system and hubs only work when people share what they download. if you would like to stay here, share what you download so that in the future, there will be more sources for those sets. not sharing (read: leeching) will not be tolerated and you may be banned. if you're just here to share, thank you especially for being here.

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