"1993-11-27 Lisbon" audio is mislabelled
The show that is shared as 1993-11-27 Lisbon is probably mislabelled. It's a different gig from the one seen in the 1993-11-27 DVD! The audio recording should be Oporto 1993-11-28.

WARNING - WARNING - WARNING - 2008-04-01 BBC Evening Concert
Are you seeding the original version seeded on dime? get that out of here, it's glitchy on track 4. The 'fixed' version'? Get that out of here too, it's patched with digital. The other FM source seeded on dime is the one to have. (190962 on dime).
UPDATE: 'fixed' version now available with added faust arp. From digital. No known recording from FM at the moment, so get that (191378 on dime) if you're a completist, but still get the one mentioned above for the best quality main set. Ask for help if you're understandably confused.

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