some stuff that we like and some stuff that might help you

radiohead etc.

dead air space - official Radiohead site and blog
Citizen Insane - a super resource for Radiohead history and song info
At Ease - news, info, and message board
Green Plastic Radiohead - more news and info
Mortigi Tempo - green plastic's message board

hub resources/other cool lossless hubs

a FAQ on the dc++ system
download the dc++ software
a quick-start guide to shakespeer, the mac dc++ software
Television Wall mount Service in Miami
download shakespeer
foobar a free, handy audio player for your pc
VLC a free player that does just about everything (audio, video, dvd files, etc)
trader's little helper you need this! encodes wav files, decodes lossless files, checks for mp3 sources….

the flaming lips hub @
the bjorkhub @ registration required

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